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è  Peak Producers

Regular $395.  What will be covered in this course:

What is Peak Producers Video

Day 1:  What it Means to be a Peak Producer
Day 2:  Building a Dynamic Database
Day 3:  Creating Referrals
Day 4:  Working with Buyers
Day 5:  Working with Sellers
Week 2:  Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Week 3:  Doing the Unexpected Extras
Week 4:  How to Break Bread with Customers
Week 5:  The Attitude of a Peak Producer
Week 6:  Professionally Serve Every Listing
Week 7:  Manage Your Time & Productivity
Week 8:  Getting Buyers off the Fence
Week 9:  The Art of Negotiation
Week 10: Financial Systems for the Self Employed
Week 11: How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur
Week 12: How to Stay on Track

Bonus.  All Peak Producer Students get the Referral Maker CRM from the day Registered to 30 days after the course (min value $540)

Ticket to the 2 day Live Success Tour Dec 2 & 3 at the Toronto Congress Centre ( Value $149)

6 Months access to AMS System (Value $135).  Includes Listing Video and Testimonial Video.

è Harnessing the 8th wonder of the Business World: (Course Buff201) 1.5 hours

What's the #1 threat to small-business owners? Being transactional. In this session, Brian delves into the benefits of adopting a relational approach to your business and introduces the concept of compounding clients. He also covers methodologies proven to help you build and strengthen your relationships with past and current clients.!


  è  Reaching Your Full Potential (Course Buff202) 1.5 hours

Have you reached your full potential? If you're like many people, something may be holding you back. In this session, Brian shares five things that may be preventing you from living at your best and unlocks key practices that will help you move forward.

è  Regaining Your Competitive Edge (Course Buff203) 1.5 hours

Sharpen your competitive edge! In this session, Brian reveals the five circumstances that commonly dull your competitive edge and offers three time-tested strategies that are sure to help you be at your best mentally, physically and emotionally in your life and business.

è  Managing the Worlds Most Difficult Person (Course Buff204) 1.5 hours

Optimize the use of your business's most important asset-yourself! In this session, Brian breaks down the common internal conflicts of self-employed business professionals and outlines a three-step solution to make the most of your skills and strengths so you can maximize your business.

è  High Performance Path to Financial Success (Course Buff205) 1.5 hours

Rethink how you view money and wealth so you can enjoy more of it. In this session, Brian provides insight into the attitudes of the most successful people toward money and uses the sequence of success to help you take a more proactive stance with your financial resources.

è  All In To Win Part 1 (Course Buff206) 1.5 hours

 It's time to put all your chips on the table and play to win. In this session, you'll learn how to identify and align your resources—your time, your energy and your money—so you can drive the marketplace, impact your family and create a lasting life legacy..

è  All In to Win Part 2 Success (Course Buff206) 1.5 hours

It's time to put all your chips on the table and play to win. In this session, you'll learn how to identify and align your resources—your time, your energy and your money—so you can drive the marketplace, impact your family and create a lasting life legacy.

è  The Immigrant Edge (Course Buff207) 1.5 hours

Why are so many millionaires immigrants? What qualities do they share? In this session, Brian reveals seven traits of the most successful immigrants and how you, too can tap into that immigrant mindset to maximize your opportunity and achieve the extraordinary..

è  7 Steps to an Unstoppable Business (Course Buff208) 1.5 hours

Entrepreneur Brian Buffini shares seven key steps for building an unstoppable business. Drawing on years of experience, he covers the lifecycle of a business and reveals the common thread for any venture to be successful—whether you're starting from scratch or on a trajectory of growth.

è  Goal Scoring (Course Buff209) 1.5 hours

There's writing goals, and there's actually knowing how to achieve them. In this new take on goals from Joe Niego, you'll learn how to direct all your effort towards a focused end, and hit your mark with accuracy. That's how you score. That's how you win..

è  You Have What it Takes (Course Buff210) 1.5 hours

The formula for achievement starts wtih mindset, motivation and methodologies—you need all three. In this session, Brian unpacks how to get your thinking straight, your feelings in check and your actions onboard for realizing your dreams..

è  Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media (Course Buff211) 1.5 hours

Brian examines how to prioritize and manage your time and effort when it comes to social media.  We will also present some creative options when it comes to managing your posts.

è  The Technology Trap (Course Buff212) 1.5 hours

The Technology Trap: Learn how to avoid your commissions being slashed by the latest technology

è  New Agent or New to the Area (Course Buff213) 1.5 hours

Strategies in building a dynamic database and leveraging your CRM to manage your relationships.



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