Referral Maker - How it works

Referral Maker - How it works

Lean into your relationships to generate leads.

  • Are you tired of constantly prospecting for leads and wondering where your business will come from next month?
  • Does your Real Estate CRM Software leave you in the dark?
  • Do you hate cold calling as much as we do? Should we even mention door-knocking? Yuck!
  • Are you fed up with poor-quality Internet leads that suck up all your time while you try to chase them down?
  • Are you sick of spending big money on expensive advertisements and direct mail campaigns that don't seem to generate much business at all?

If you answered "Yes" to one or more of these questions, stop working your real estate business transactionally and begin working by referral with Real Estate CRM Software strategically designed to help you deepen your relationships.

The Real Estate industry is all about Relationships

If you're like many agents, you got into real estate because you wanted to make money and work with people. However, traditional transactional marketing may have left you feeling frustrated, stressed out and lighter in the wallet.

Are you ready to enjoy your real estate business again?

This business is supposed to be fun! We believe in serving clients in an excellent manner, leaving them delighted with the service they receive and happy to refer friends, family and colleagues. We use this relational approach to help you to turn customers into walking, talking billboards for your business. After all, it's more fun to spend time with our best people instead of spending all of our time prospecting to strangers.

Nearly 80% of all real estate transactions are referred and repeat customers. Referred and repeat clients are your highest quality leads because they already trust you.

Go beyond Word of Mouth to a more predictable stream of leads.

The good news is that you don't have to sit and wait for word to get out about your business. Referral Maker® CRM is Real Estate CRM Software based on a relational marketing system that will consistently generate a predictable stream of referred and repeat business.

Most agents lack a system to generate leads.

Referral Maker® CRM is built upon Brian Buffini's Working by Referral System. Brian Buffini, real estate's top coach and trainer, developed his system to become one of the nation's top Realtors. Over the past two decades, he has taught his successful system to thousands of Realtors across North America. Referral Maker® CRM is a vital component of your career's success, leveraging today's cutting-edge technology to integrate Brian Buffini's proven system seamlessly into your business.

Need one more reason to subscribe to Referral Maker® CRM?

The system always works. If you do the activities consistently, you'll get the results. Our track record speaks for itself: That's why last year our customers averaged $238,662* in income. So, what are you waiting for? Take charge of your success and subscribe today!

*The average income of Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™ Members in 2013


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