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Rookie REALTOR® Program

New to Real Estate Sales?

Get Started with Six FREE Months on The Referral Marketing System!

As a new REALTOR® (licensed for less than one year), your first few months can be very financially challenging. There’s one expense after another before you’ve even earned your first penny of commission income.

The goal of our Rookie REALTOR® Program is to give you a chance to get your Referral Marketing System working for you right away with minimal costs.

You will receive up to 50 printed newsletters and 1,000 emails per month for FREE. All you pay in the first six months is postage and shipping. You will also receive at no cost in your first six months: e-Newsletters, Automated Email Campaigns, Website and Blog Content, Social Media Postings, our Idea Hotline, our easy to use Contact Management Software (IXACT Contact) and a copy of The Referral & Repeat Marketing Book.

During your Free Six Months you can cancel at any time. You have no obligation. There are no long-term contracts. In your seventh month, we will begin to process payments on your credit card as per the fees detailed on our Subscription Form.

Submit the online form above and one of our Referral Marketing Experts will contact you.

Then, send us a document that verifies your first year status (licensed for less than one year at time of subscription). You can send the
copy via fax (888.407.8605) or email (

If you have any questions about our Rookie REALTOR® Program, feel free to call us at 1.855.993.5363

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