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Imagemaker 360 Features and Pricing

Features, Pricing and Benefits

Features of your virtual tour package - $139.95 + HST

  • 20-25 photos of the property
  • Narrated virtual tour WITH audio (professionally written and voiced) with two language translations
  • IDX compliant tours which meet board standards
  • Customizable brochure
  • Downloadable QR code
  • Available reports can be auto-emailed to you and/or your client

Narrated Virtual Tour Benefits

Media and broadcast professionals agree that well-scripted narration provides the emotional “sell”, enhancing the details provided by the visual images. It is the depth and quality of the script along with the caliber of the announcer's emphasis and voice that help drive the “sale”.

Audio further captures the consumer's attention as it provides an additional dimension, creating a true multi-media presentation.

Consumers are far more willing to view additional images as the expository narration track reduces the “interpretive” energies required to visually decipher moving Internet images.

A Virtual Tour with audio:

  •     has greater perceived value to the perspective buyer and seller
  •     is seen as superior to a traditional tour
  •     attaches a greater significance to the property
  •     demands greater viewer attention

When an agent offers a professionally scripted and narrated audio Virtual Tour, they are recognized as being a complete, comprehensive, and superior service provider.

Audio provides added information about the home that cannot be identified by simply looking at the images alone. The serious home buyer can learn more about:

  •     flooring, counter-top or cabinet finishing details
  •     whether or not appliances are to stay or go, and their age
  •     a view from a particular room
  •     number of rooms
  •     bonus areas--a shop, recreation room or in-law suite
  •     construction details--building materials, amount of insulation

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