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 Advanced Peak Producers

"Rated the Top Real Estate Success program in North America..."

1 in Every 7 Homes in Canada are sold by REALTORS® using this system!

This new offering includes Peak Producers, the most comprehensive sales and business management training program in the industry, with the most effective system available to help you create your own inventory, Joe Niego’s Instant Inventory. This unsurpassed combination of training provides you with everything you need to build a lasting and sustainable business in any market!

 Starts Oct 1, 2018   Register Now!

We combined the best of both worlds to bring you MORE results! 
What's Included

What is Advance Peak Producers?

Advance Peak Producers Testimonial Mark Budisa Re/max Realty Enterprises Inc.

Peak Producer Training

Twenty-one plus hours of training provided by Brian Buffini
• Online Resource Center
• Buffini & Company’s Referral Maker CRM
• And more…

Joe Niego’s Instant Inventory

 ($195 value! )

Ten powerful video training sessions featuring Joe Niego
• Student workbook for reinforced learning
Online Resource Center ...and more…

1 year Marketing Sponsorship Value $299

-Including Unlimited REALTOR® and Single Property websites and hosting
-Lead Generation Tools including Text Capture; Instant Chat; Facebook Listing App; Done4u Listing presentation and flyers...and more

REALTOR® Video Set up

Plus full access to our video recording studio to create your client resource videos and we will assist you in creating your online video platform.

Plus your own virtual assistant to assist you!

12 Week Real Estate Course 

Open to All REALTORS® All Brokerages!

Nexera Law Office - Mississauga

                       Starts Oct 1, 2018   Register Now!

$395 + Tax S/H New Students    $295+Tax S/H Returning Students

Bonus #2 -Joe Neigo's Instant Inventory included -

Value $195

Produce 3 additional listings each month!

In Joe Niego’s Instant Inventory, Joe uncovers the 5 economic factors that cause an inventory shortage & reveals 10 strategies to help you create your own inventory. In 10 powerful video sessions, Joe provides insight, tips, resources and more to help you generate 3 additional listings each month!

You’ll learn how to:   

  • Duplicate every listing
  • Awaken the dormant seller
  • “Treasure hunt” your neighborhood
  • Leverage your buyers
  • Befriend a FSBO
  • And more!

Start Creating Your Own Instant Inventory!

Bonus #3 - Meet Your Mentors


more leads

more sales

price reductions

Get every buyer
off the fence

Become an
excellent negotiator

Get organized
once & for all

Preview Peak Producers

Advanced Peak Producers 

Next Class Starts -Oct 1, 2018

Nexera Law Office - Mississauga 

Address5770 Hurontario St #104  Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5

                                 Register Now!

Week 1 - Everyday
2.5 hours/day

Day 1: What it Means to be a Peak Producer

Day 2: Building a Dynamic Database

Day 3: Creating Referrals

Day 4: Working with Buyers

Day 5: Working with Sellers

Becoming the CEO Weeks 2-9 Once a week - 3 hours

Week 2: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Week 3: Doing the Unexpected Extras
Week 4: How to Break Bread with Customers
Week 5: The Attitude of a Peak Producer
Week 6: Professionally Serve Every Listing
Week 7: Manage Your Time & Productivity
Week 8: Getting Buyers off the Fence
Week 9: The Art of Negotiation

Becoming The CFO Weeks 10-12 Once a Week - 3 hours

Week 10: Financial Systems for the Self Employed

Week 11: How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Week 12: How to Stay on Track

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