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Brian Buffini Peak Producers

 Advanced Peak Producers

"Rated the Top Real Estate Success program in North America..."

1 in Every 7 Homes in Canada are sold by REALTORS® using this system!

Peak Producers gives you a step-by-step action plan to overcome peaks and valleys in your income and produce at a consistent high level. Whether you’re a 16-year veteran or a brand-new agent, this 12-week training program gives you the strategies to build a rock-solid real estate business

12 Week Real Estate Course 

Open to All REALTORS® All Brokerages!

Nexera Law Office - Mississauga

                       Starts Feb 26, 2018   Register Now!

$395 + Tax S/H New Students    $295+Tax S/H Returning Students

Bonus - 1 year Marketing Sponsorship

 Testimonial - Being a Peak Producer is a choice.....You can be a PeaK Producer!

At our January class...."This morning when you said 50% of attendees get leads the first week of this course. I was rolling my eyes.  Well, I now have a listing appt scheduled for Monday.  in the 900K range"..... Chip Barkel, MCNE* Sales Representative Chestnut Park Real Estate Limited

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more leads

more sales

price reductions

Get every buyer
off the fence

Become an
excellent negotiator

Get organized
once & for all

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Advanced Peak Producers 

Next Class Starts -Feb 26, 2018

Nexera Law Office - Mississauga 

Address5770 Hurontario St #104  Mississauga, ON L5R 3G5

                                 Register Now!

Week 1 - Everyday
2.5 hours/day

Day 1: What it Means to be a Peak Producer

Day 2: Building a Dynamic Database

Day 3: Creating Referrals

Day 4: Working with Buyers

Day 5: Working with Sellers

Becoming the CEO Weeks 2-9 Once a week - 3 hours

Week 2: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
Week 3: Doing the Unexpected Extras
Week 4: How to Break Bread with Customers
Week 5: The Attitude of a Peak Producer
Week 6: Professionally Serve Every Listing
Week 7: Manage Your Time & Productivity
Week 8: Getting Buyers off the Fence
Week 9: The Art of Negotiation

Becoming The CFO Weeks 10-12 Once a Week - 3 hours

Week 10: Financial Systems for the Self Employed

Week 11: How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Week 12: How to Stay on Track

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