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Lead GENERATION Benefits of the Agent Marketing System - Watch Now

Commercial Financing - How to Stir up your database and leverage commercial resources to build your business - Click Here

Webinar replay - Click Here

Rent to Own Programs - Purchase Solutions for your Clients   
How to provide purchase solutions to your clients when they may not fit into conventional financing solutions. This program will assist those that are looking to move into a home but are challenged by:
  • Down Payment Challenge
  • Credit Issues
  • Provable Income
  • Divorce circumstances
Webinar replay - Click Here

Being a Top Producer - Features of the Agent Marketing System- June 2015 

This Seminar will discuss the features and benefits the Agent Marketing System brings to you including: 
Unlimited Agent Websites; Lead generation Property Website; Done4u Listing video and presentations; Text Capture ; Marketing; makeover; open House Systems... 
...Plus the importance of a CRM and a solution to the single most important thing that most Real Estate professionals drop the ball on.       Webinar replay - Click Here

  How to become the Exclusive Real Estate lead for a company or organization.
We will outline a program that you can leverage to connect to a company or organization to get HR departments promoting the value of your services to their Employees.and begin to attract business to you!
Topics will include: Employee benefit program overview.
Step by step on what you need to do. Delivery of program with your support team. Webinar Replay - Click Here



  Property Marketing Workshop - Session One

Session will show you quick overview of Agent Marketing System; Process of loggin into property marketing system; setting up a listed property; adding features of the system; generating virtual tour and Youtube video; Kijiji links.  Webinar Replay - Click Here

Avoiding The Mutual Release 

Session is co-hosted with Surina Hart, and will show you tips and strategies in preventing a mutual release.  Will include Self employed programs; pre-approval process; challenges including home inspections and condo purchases plus clauses that can help protect your clients.  Click Here

 Sell it with a video! Selling your listing using Imagemaker360’s narrated virtual tours

Managing a seller’s expectations nowadays is harder than it has ever been before.  Sellers are expecting more than just photos as part of your multi-media marketing plan.  Join us to discuss how Imagemaker360’s narrated virtual tours can help you to create a multi-media marketing strategy that will impress your clients.  Click Here




Agent Marketing System

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