Is Role Playing Important?

25 Sep 2019 7:15 PM | Rhea Ramprashad (Administrator)

Every time I suggest for a Realtor to find a role play partner, I'm always met with shock and reluctance.  Truth be told; I find that very strange.   

As Realtors, you spend a great deal of time being told to learn scripts.  Every trainer out there, has scripts for you to learn and memorize.  Once you learn the script, what then?   

Well in my opinion, I'm cannot really classify "reading a script " (even if you read it 20 times) as learning a script.  Yes you've read it, and hopefully aloud; but how foes that price that you have learned it?  You need to practice the script in order for it NOT sound like a script.  The script must become a natural part of your vocabulary, it must just role off of the tongue.   

If you have read a script but cannot use it in practice, where it does not sound natural ; well than you need a role play partner. Generally that is more than 50% of agents out there. 

It really shouldn't be a matter of should I Role Play, but rather Why Haven't I?  A role play partner can help you perfect your scripts, they allow you to learn how to handle objections like a pro (which you are).  Why practice your scripts on real clients /prospects/leads?  Practice with a partner, so when you come face to face with a real lead, you are prepared for almost anything. 


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