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Smarter lead generation

How many contacts do you need to make? How many referred leads do you need to generate? How many referrals do you need to get a closing? Let Referral Maker® CRM do the math. Once you've set your business goals, the Referral Intelligent Technology™ of Referral Maker® CRM Real Estate CRM Software will build a customized business plan that includes the targets you'll need to reach in order to fulfill your goals. At a glance, you will always know where you stand in regard to reaching the goals you set for your real estate business.

Get instant feedback on your business

Are you on track to meet your business goals? Your Business Dashboard shows you what's in your pocket, what's pending and what's in your pipeline.

Always know your sales statistics

As a sales pro, you'll always know your average list price, average sales-to-close ratio, commission and much more. Not all Real Estate CRM Software is created equal, but Referral Maker® CRM will always calculate this information for you automatically.

Quickly and easily track your transactions

Easily track your potential, pending and closed transactions.

Advanced reporting at your fingertips

  • Automatically track your proactive lead generating activities and highlight areas for celebration and improvement.
  • Instantly know the lifetime value of your best advocates to your business. Referral Maker® CRM Real Estate CRM Software automatically tracks who's referring whom and helps you better mine with whom to spend your time.
  • Track your progress toward your closed transactions goal and compare results year over year.


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