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Work with your BEST people

Make sure that you're focusing your time and energy on those clients who are most likely to refer you. Referral Maker® CRM is the only Real Estate CRM Softare that makes sorting your clients quick, easy and painless. What more can you ask for?

Your contacts are your relationships!

We teach our Members to rank their relationships and place their clients into A+, A, B, C and D categories:
  • A+ clients sing your praises from the rooftops and have referred their friends, family and perfect strangers to you.
  • A clients have sent a referral or two your way here and there.
  • B clients would send you a referral if you asked for one.
  • C clients may refer you in the future, but haven't yet
  • D clients won't refer you and you may even loathe dealing with them. So don't. Keep them out of your database.

With Referral Maker® CRM, you can quickly rank each of your relationships with the click of the mouse, assigning each client a letter category. What once took up to two months todo now can be done in 20 minutes. Referral Maker® CRM's Referral Intelligent Technology takes those rankings and creates a custom plan that focuses your activities on the people most likely to refer your business. You don't have to "make time" to connect with your best clients; they're already part of your schedule!

6 easy questions that set your goals

Answer six questions and know exactly what you need to do today to reach your goals.

Always know who to call & what to say

Never wonder who to call again! Referral Maker® CRM is the only Real Estate CRM Software that features the Priority Action Center™ (PAC), which gives you a daily call list of your best clients. All of your planning is done for you as your prospects cycle through the PAC during the month. If you don't want to talk to someone right now, that's okay; they'll move to the end of the queue and another name will pop up.

And if you're stumped about what to say to your clients, Referral Maker® CRM can help with that, too. The CRM is full of proven dialogues that you can use to get the ball rolling.

Daily Action Plan to Win the Day

What do you need to do today? The Referral Maker® CRM uses your database and your business goals to create a daily action plan of people to call, write notes and deliver Pop-Bys to help you maintain consistent contact with the right people.

Additionally, track your progress and see your activities on the CRM's dashboard. You'll get an overview of your database, upcoming appointments and check your progress to Win the Day and Win the Week.


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