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Lead Generation & Social Media

Discover new segments by utilizing a combination of personal websites, landing pages, email campaigns and social platforms so you can reach a greater audience and find high quality leads that are interested in your services.

Leverage our pre-built templates and auto-responses to get started right away. As you grow your account, you can create your own workflows, email campaigns and follow-up personally with the likeliest customers. 

Many of our clients are looking to bring their business up to the next level and use an online lead campaign to do so.  With AMS, we can provide you with a unique lead generation tool, that will educate your prospects and have them calling you!

AMS will provide you with an automated sales and marketing platform.  You can quickly fill your pipeline with qualified prospects today.

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No more platform hopping.

Take out the guesswork and the shuffling from platforms. With AgentMarketing and

Zapier integration, you can link new leads to all the popular networks including

Google, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce and much, much more.


Manage and extend your leads by connecting to popular networks such as Google, Facebook Business, Mailchimp and much more!

Task Plans

Stay organized by creating series of tasks to follow up with new leads or set up reminders for yourself.

Notification Control

Take control over how, when and what happens to every new lead. Select from automation options or follow up manually through the Leads Manager.

Landing Pages

Create quick and easy to use landing pages designed around your promotion or service offers.


Keep track of how many visitors are viewing your websites and review all your leads from one central hub.

Email Campaigns

Create as many email campaigns as you need. We offer monthly or periodic newsletters that can be customized.

Social Media

Social media maintenance takes a great deal of time and preparation and when things get busy for you, your social media accounts may suffer.

With AMS Social Sync, we will help you add time back into your day so you better manage your time.  AMS Social Sync is an automated social media posting program that publishes relevant and unique content to your followers. No two real estate agents will ever have the same content posted to their network. Your content will be curated from credible sources in the Real Estate and Financial Industries. Choose how often AMS Social Sync posts on your behalf. You can post daily, weekly or anywhere in between!

Increase your engagements with AMS Social Omni you will always be front and centre with your personally branded e-newsletter and Content page. AMS Social Omni pays attention to each individual on your contact list and keeps track of what they like and what they are sharing. Your E-Newsletter will be customized for each contact, and only send them content of interest to them. What does that mean for you? More engagement, more shares which will result in organic referrals!  This is attraction marketing at it's best.

With AMS Social Sync,  you will never have to worry about posting to your social media accounts again. 

Seeing is believing.

Schedule a live chat with one of our expert team advisors. We’ll show you how to maximize your marketing efforts to achieve the best results.


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