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Please take the time to learn about the feature of agent Marketing system

Agent Marketing System Overview - Webinar Click Here 

Getting Started -  learn the basics of our system, how to find help, how to navigate and hit the ground with a running start.

Getting Started Video

Getting Started Video


Multiple Personal Sites + IDX

  if 1 is good, then 10 are REALLY good! don't limit yourself, get as many personal websites as you need, all with IDX too.

Linking IDX Search and set up with 

Personal Sites + IDX

Broadcast My Moves

  buyers can tell friends and family about their new home with a website that shows off their new home and info, and it promotes you!

Broadcast My Moves

Email drip and newsletters

  create as many email campaigns as you wish. put as many emails in each campaign and add as many campaigns to each lead as you wish.

Drips and newsletters

Marketing Makeover

  get custom graphics and build your marketing brand, all included in my co-marketing program


Auto-Property Websites

  property websites easier than you thought... you can set it up so properties add themselves right from your mls, and update automatically!

Easy Steps for a Real Estate Agent to Create a Property Website

Full Property Websites

HD Virtual Tours

  mls compliant and branded virtual tours. each tours includes quick loading lower resolution and high definition full screen tours.

HD Virtual Tours

Automatic YouTube Videos

  we'll automatically create a dynamic video for you from your gallery and even upload the video to your youtube channel.

YouTube Videos

eListing Presentations

  stand out from your competitors and win that listing with our remarkable electronic "flip show" books your listing presentations.

Easy Steps for Creating a Real Estate Agent to Create a Single Property Site - Click Here

Seller Accountability Report

Let's face it one of the biggest challenges with winning listings and keeping Seller's satisfied with our work is communication. How do you tell them all that you have done in a way that is both modern but gives them the information they desire to know that you are doing the job of "Marketing Expert" that they have hired you for?


Chat & Text Codes

  from text codes capturing phone numbers to "find-U" chat on the websites, get more leads than you ever thought possible.

Real Estate Buyer Leads- Property Texting - Click Here

Chat & Text Codes

CRM: Keeping Track

  keep track of your clients by using our top shelf CRM that even includes email drip for personal automated follow-up.

Real Estate Agent CRM Software: Part 3

Real Estate Agent CRM Software: Part 2

Real Estate Agent CRM Software: Part 1
CRM: Keeping Track

Squeeze Pages

  quickly and easily create and fully customize your very own lead generating squeeze pages and get leads like never before.

Squeeze Pages

Open House App

  capture and automatically follow-up with open house visitors with our open house app. register visitors & capture leads like never before.

Real Estate Buyer Leads - Custom Texting

Custom Text Campaigns

Open House App

If you are wanting to attract more leads, especially buyer leads, custom text codes are a great way to go. There are many amazing things you can do. If you are willing to think outside the box from a marketing perspective, anything is possible.

Social Media

Blogging Basics - Click Here

You Tube Video Creator - Click Here

Real Estate Listings on Facebook

Lead Generation

Using Squeeze pages to generate leads - Click Here

Real Estate Lead Generation- Click Here

Listing Presentation - Seller Accountability Report - Click Here

Listing Presentation Hero - Click Here

Branding for Real Estate Agents - Click Here

Real Estate Closing Gift - Best Ever - Click Here

QR Codes for Real Estate - Click Here

Open House Apps For Realtors® - Click Here

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When I set up a property sometimes my Map Arial view and whats nearby Ect.

A.  Here is a quick step video on how to fix the property mapping if this happens.

Property Mapping Fix Video

Q When I set up my property the school links and community links are not working or appears to be US?

A. All links can be customized to suit the property location.  Here are some quick Steps and how to change property links.

Changing Property Links

Q.  I have ordered a virtual tour.  Can I integrate this tour with my single property site?

A. Absolutely.  Here is how you add another Virtual Tour - Watch Video

Can I use my own domain name for my pURL, personal website URL?
  • Yes. You will need to edit your domain names DNS at your domain name registrar. If you don't own a domain name yet, you can buy it here.  Just go to the Marketing tab>>Domain Management to buy a domain name.


  • Here are the instructions for if you used someone else to buy your domain name, use these instructions as a general guide.
    1. Login to Godaddy and go to My Account if you are not already there.
    2. Click on LAUNCH next to DOMAINS.
    3. Click on the domain name you need to edit
    4. Edit the first "A" record, the one with the @ sign.
    5. Change the "Points to IP address:" to IP address
    6. Click OK.
  • Now make the needed change here on Agent Marketing:
    On your My Website>> Advanced tab, enter your domain name in the "Your own domain name" box, then click SAVE.

Now within 24 hours your domain name should start working with your pURL here on Agent Marketing.

NOTE: With the redirecting of the "web requests" to display your pURL, you can host your email with Godaddy while using the domain name for your pURL. This will give you multiple email address that match your domain name.

Agent Marketing System

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