Meet John

John will be 7 years old this October.  He was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ years old. Initially because he was so young, he was diagnosed with "Mild" autism, throughout the years his mother believes that has changed to moderate or severe autism.  He is non-verbal which is what initially concerned his parents.  Right after the diagnosis they started speech therapy. He has now been through 4 speech therapists and still no words. 

John walks on his tippy toes which has meant a referral to a physiotherapist and a specialist to help correct this.  He needs braces in order to flatten his feet. These braces on his feet are specially designed to fit him and cost Approx. $800.00 each time. Being a growing boy he out grows these braces every 12-18 months. 

He is also currently in Occupational therapy which helps him with his fine motor skills. 

John’s parents have done their best to keep him in these 3 therapies regularly since he was diagnosed. 

Speech Therapy - $140/hr 

Occupational Therapy $140/hr

Physiotherapy $135/hr 

According to the government the best early intervention treatment is called Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA).  John was in ABA instead of going to preschool or playing sports. In order for him to receive ABA he had to be enrolled for a minimum of 9 hours a week. 3 Hours 3 times a week.  This meant a weekly cost of $650-$700. Adding speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy could be added to this at additional costs. 

He is currently on the Ontario Autism Program waitlist. He has been waiting since 2019 – 4 years now.